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Principles of use of atomization disc
2023-12-28 14:32:25

       The gas and liquid in the desulfurization tray are mixed and atomized inside the air cap chamber. The principle of atomization is air rupture collision, which has characteristics such as small atomization particle diameter, large coverage area, and strong penetration. By using the friction between compressed air and liquid, a very uniform and dense atomization effect is produced. Under normal circumstances, the atomization particle size is below 80 microns. So, let's learn about the principle of using atomization discs together!

The advantages of Atomizing discs

The atomization disc mainly has the following characteristics.

1. Made of special materials, lightweight, suitable for high-speed dynamic balance operation;

2. Has high hardness and wear resistance;

3. Has acid resistance, alkali corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, and long service life in high-temperature environments

4. Has high thermal stability;

5. The overall structure is compact, and the atomization disc runs smoothly under high-speed rotation, with low vibration and low noise.

6. Reasonable structure, easy installation and disassembly.

7. Adopting special dynamic balancing technology, the overall appearance is undamaged.

Cleaning and maintenance methods for desulfurization cabinets

The spray bottle for spraying chemicals and liquids needs to be cleaned after use. Especially in the areas where smoke exhaust, desulfurization, and atomization discs are used for tool filling, spraying liquids and pesticides that are prone to decay and erosion. What should be done after use to protect the equipment from these corrosive products?

1. After use, be sure to wipe off the remaining liquid and clean it with a specialized detergent.

2. The cleaning of the desulfurization atomization cabinet requires a series of positioning and maintenance work. When the equipment wears out, it is necessary to use sanding or polishing tools to polish their colors.

3. Then, it is necessary to perform a simple treatment on the polished desulfurization atomization disc to prevent debris from mixing with drugs or pesticides during the next use, so that the liquid can function normally and affect the stability of its properties.

The atomization principle of the desulfurization disk is that the atomized particles produced by air rupture and collision have the characteristics of small diameter, wide coverage range, and strong penetration. Gas and liquid are mixed and atomized in the gas cap chamber. According to the degree of friction between compressed air and liquid, a very uniform and fine atomization effect will be produced, and the atomization particle size under normal conditions is below 80 microns.

The spray tank sprayed with medicine and liquid medicine needs to be cleaned after use, especially the flue gas desulfurization atomization shed is a filling tool, which is very corrosive to liquid and pesticide during spraying and is easy to corrode. In order to protect the system equipment from the infringement of these easily corrosive products, timely maintenance and cleaning are required.

The above introduction is about the principle of using atomization discs. If you need to learn more, please feel free to contact us at any time!