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Introduction to atomization disc
2024-01-26 13:21:10

      Atomizer disc is a kind of equipment used in chemical industry, environmental protection, food, medicine and other fields. It can atomize liquid materials into tiny droplets to achieve drying, cooling, dust removal and other purposes. During use, the atomizer disk may have some problems, such as the deformation of the shaft support frame, the high-speed rotation axis of the atomizer and gravity are not in the same direction, the surface and internal bonding of the atomizer disk are serious, etc. These problems will affect the mist chemical effect and equipment service life [2].

     When using the atomizer disk, you need to pay attention to some operating methods. For example, the method of using the negative ion atomization disk in the curing room is: 1. Take out one end of the pipe and connect it to the water source, and the other end to the water inlet; 2. Connect the two power cords of the negative ion atomization disk to the humidification terminal of the temperature and humidity controller. Yes [3].

     If you need to purchase atomizer disks, you can choose Wuxi Wode Rotary Atomization Technology Co., Ltd. to provide a variety of models of atomizer disks, which support customization and wholesale, with prices starting from 10,000.00 yuan [1].