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  • The principle of rotary atomizer

    2024-02-19 15:22:16
    The principle of rotary atomizer The principle of a rotary atomizer mainly involves the effect of centrifugal force on the liquid. Specifically: Material liquid transportation: The material liquid is first sent into a high-speed rotating disc. The effect of centrifugal force: As the plate rotates, the material liquid is subjected to the centrifugal force and unfolds on the rotating surface to form a thin film like structure. Formation and growth of droplets: Due to the centrifugal force, the liquid moves outward from the edge of the disk at a relatively small speed and breaks due to friction as it approaches the edge, forming tiny droplets. Droplet size: These droplets typically range from 30 to 80 microns. Application of atomization: The formed droplets then enter the respiratory tract with the airflow, where the drug components take effect. In practical applications, such as the spray drying system, the high-speed rotation of the rotary atomizer helps to disperse the liquid into tiny droplets, thus improving the distribution efficiency and quality of droplets
  • Introduction to atomization disc

    2024-01-26 13:21:10
    Atomizer disc is a kind of equipment used in chemical industry, environmental protection, food, medicine and other fields. It can atomize liquid materials into tiny droplets to achieve drying, cooling, dust removal and other purposes. During use, the atomizer disk may have some problems, such as the deformation of the shaft support frame, the high-speed rotation axis of the atomizer and gravity are not in the same direction, the surface and internal bonding of the atomizer disk are serious, etc. These problems will affect the mist chemical effect and equipment service life [2]. When using the atomizer disk, you need to pay attention to some operating methods. For example, the method of using the negative ion atomization disk in the curing room is: 1. Take out one end of the pipe and connect it to the water source, and the other end to the water inlet; 2. Connect the two power cords of the negative ion atomization disk to the humidification terminal of the temperature and humidity controller. Yes [3]. If you need to purchase atomizer disks, you can choose Wuxi Wode Rotary Atomization Technology Co., Ltd. to provide a variety of models of atomizer disks, which support customization and wholesale, with prices starting from 10,000.00 yuan [1].
  • Desulfurization atomize

    2024-01-24 17:25:23
    The desulfurization atomizer is a piece of equipment used in the desulfurization process. Its function is to atomize the desulfurization agent and react with the sulfur dioxide in the flue gas to achieve the desulfurization effect. According to the search results [1], Wuxi Wode Rotary Atomizer Technology Co., Ltd. provides various types of desulfurization atomizers, supports customization, strict material selection, good quality and beautiful prices. The mist eliminator of the desulfurization tower is also an important piece of equipment in the desulfurization process. Its function is to remove small droplets in the flue gas and avoid causing phenomena such as chimney rain [2]. In addition, nanoceramic filters can also be used as dust removal components for semi-dry desulfurization, with high desulfurization efficiency [3].
  • Principles of use of atomization disc

    2023-12-28 14:32:25
    The gas and liquid in the desulfurization tray are mixed and atomized inside the air cap chamber. The principle of atomization is air rupture collision, which has characteristics such as small atomization particle diameter, large coverage area, and strong penetration. By using the friction between compressed air and liquid, a very uniform and dense atomization effect is produced. Under normal circumstances, the atomization particle size is below 80 microns. So, let's learn about the principle of using atomization discs together!
  • The production method of atomization disc

    2023-12-28 13:59:48
    This utility model belongs to the field of solid waste incineration treatment, and specifically relates to the high-speed centrifugal atomizer atomization disc for flue gas purification treatment in urban household waste incineration power plants. Now, let's learn about the production method of the atomization disc together!
  • The atomization disc has the following advantages

    2023-12-28 13:45:20
    The atomization disc has the following advantages 1. Made of special materials. Lightweight. Suitable for high-speed dynamic balancing operation; 2. High hardness and wear resistance; 3. Acid resistant, alkali resistant, and antioxidant. Long service life in high-temperature environments. 4. High thermal stability; 5. The overall structure is compact, and the atomization disc runs smoothly at high speed. Low vibration and noise. 6. Reasonable structure, easy installation and disassembly. 7. Adopting special dynamic balancing technology. Not damaging the overall aesthetics. Cleaning and maintenance methods for desulfurization cabinets
  • The working principle and structural characteristics of centrifugal atomizers

    2023-12-28 13:40:06
    Centrifugal atomizer is a widely used process equipment in the liquid forming and drying industry. It is more suitable for producing powder and granular solid products from solutions, lotion, suspensions and plastic paste liquids. Therefore, when the particle size distribution, residual moisture content, bulk density, and particle shape of the finished product need to meet accurate standards. Spray drying is an ideal technology.
  • What is a centrifugal atomizer and its characteristics?

    2023-12-28 13:01:05
    What is a centrifugal atomizer? What are its characteristics? The characteristics are simple structure, low energy consumption, and low noise, but high machining accuracy is required. Small capacity nozzles are prone to coking and blockage
  • What are the characteristics of a centrifugal atomizer

    2023-12-28 12:58:02
    Centrifugal atomizer; characteristic The characteristics of a centrifugal atomizer and dryer are basically determined by the characteristics of the atomizer. (1) Centrifugal spray drying does not require strict filtering equipment. If there is no fibrous liquid in the feed liquid, the liquid channel is basically not blocked;
  • Selection and use of centrifugal atomizers

    2023-12-28 11:46:01
    A nebulizer is an instrument that converts liquids into micrometer sized droplets, making it appear hazy at a macroscopic level. According to different uses, centrifugal atomizers can be mainly divided into air humidifiers and medical atomizers, also known as atomizers or atomizers. Air humidifiers are used to improve the relative humidity of indoor air, while medical atomizers are mainly used to treat upper and lower respiratory system diseases.
  • Zero discharge method for desulfurization wastewater

    2023-12-28 11:32:34
    Industrial wastewater refers to the wastewater, sewage, and waste liquid generated during the industrial production process, which contains industrial production raw materials, intermediate products, and products lost with water, as well as pollutants generated during the production process With the rapid development of industry, the types and quantities of wastewater are rapidly increasing, and the pollution of water bodies is becoming increasingly widespread and serious, posing great harm to human health and safety. If the toxicity is high, it can lead to the death or even extinction of aquatic animals and plants. Polluting groundwater, thereby contaminating crops; Infiltration into the soil, causing soil pollution. Affects the growth of microorganisms in plants and soil; Some industrial wastewater also has an unpleasant odor and pollutes the air.
  • What problems should be paid attention to when using a centrifugal atomizer

    2023-12-28 11:28:23
    The centrifugal atomizer is suitable for drying thermosensitive substances such as biological products, biopesticides, enzyme preparations, etc. Because the ejected substance only experiences high temperatures when sprayed into mist like particles, it can only be heated instantaneously to prevent damage to these active substances after drying. Therefore, many chemical industries choose to use centrifugal atomizers in product production. So what are the issues to pay attention to when using centrifugal atomizers?
  • Water quality characteristics and influencing factors of zero discharge desulfurization wastewater

    2023-12-27 14:28:55
    the country's emphasis on environmental protection is increasing, and environmental protection standards are also becoming stricter. The power industry also has a clear regulation on the emission of flue gas pollutants, and the concentration limit of SO2 emission standards is also decreasing. Currently, most domestic desulfurization projects adopt limestone gypsum wet desulfurization technology, resulting in zero discharge of desulfurization wastewater. Although traditional desulfurization wastewater treatment processes have certain treatment capabilities for certain pollutants in wastewater, they cannot remove chlorine from the wastewater. Ions and salts. With the increasingly strict technical standards for desulfurization wastewater discharge, the issue of zero discharge of desulfurization wastewater has become an inevitable trend of development and change.
  • How to achieve zero discharge of desulfurization wastewater? Come and collect it!

    2023-12-27 14:11:09
    How to achieve zero discharge of desulfurization wastewater? Let's take a look together. Usually, the discharge of desulfurization wastewater from power plants is still difficult to meet the standards after traditional treatment, and there is secondary pollution in the discharge of harmful substances in water, which cannot be implemented in areas with strict water environment protection. In addition, there are technical obstacles in the reuse of zero discharge of desulfurization wastewater from power plants, some of which are used for ash yard, coal yard spray, etc., and cannot be completely recovered. Traditional pre-treatment also contains high salt, high chloride ions, and trace heavy metals, which have significant limitations in repeated use. The characteristics of high salt and high chloride ions require reusable equipment to have high materials, which may have other uncertain adverse effects on system concentration. However, at the same time, the improvement of corporate environmental protection social responsibility and the promotion of policy regulations provide opportunities for zero discharge technology of desulfurization wastewater. According to the differences in emission standards, takeover, and zero discharge, the wastewater treatment process can be divided into the general treatment process of desulfurization wastewater and the zero discharge treatment process of desulfurization wastewater.
  • What should be noted in the operation of a zero discharge system for desulfurization wastewater? Come and collect it!

    2023-12-27 14:01:40
    What should be noted in the operation of a zero discharge system for desulfurization wastewater? Let's take a look together. The application of zero discharge technology in desulfurization wastewater treatment not only achieves zero discharge of wastewater in a meaningful sense, but also realizes circular economy, which has important promotion significance. Do you know what to pay attention to during the operation of a zero discharge system for desulfurization wastewater?
  • Take you through the Niro atomizer

    2023-12-27 13:42:24
    The Niro atomizer atomizes the test solution. The atomizer is an important component of the atomization system, and its performance has a significant correlation with the precision and chemical interference of our measurements. Therefore, we require that the spray system through the atomizer is stable, the droplets are small, uniform and the atomization efficiency is high.
  • The principle of centrifugal nebulizer and structural features

    2023-12-27 12:13:03
    The atomizer is the part of spray drying device that makes the atomization medium obtain high energy and high speed, and it is also the key part that plays an important role in the atomization efficiency and stability of the atomization process. The motor drives the large gear through the coupling, the large gear meshes with the pinion on the rotating shaft, and the gear shaft after a speed increase drives the second large gear to realize the high speed rotation of the atomization disc. When the material liquid enters the feed tube of the centrifugal atomizer, it flows evenly into the high-speed rotating spraying plate through the material liquid distribution plate. The material liquid is sprayed into tiny atomized liquid droplets, which increases the surface area of the material liquid. Contact with the hot air in the drying chamber. It evaporates rapidly and can be dried into finished products in a very short time.
  • Introduction of centrifugal nebulizer

    2023-12-27 12:11:17
    Centrifugal atomizer is one of the widely used dryers in industrial production. The feed liquid is added to the high-speed rotating dispersion disc, and the liquid is shaken into droplets by centrifugal force. Then it is dried in the dryer. On the surface of the dispersion plate, the liquid spreads as a thin film and is thrown around the circumference at high speed. The atomization effect depends on the circumferential linear velocity and the feed speed, and is also related to some physical properties of the feed liquid and other factors.
  • Niru nebulizer selection guide

    2023-12-27 12:08:45
    What is a NIRU nebulizer? This is a device that can atomize liquid, is an important part of the atomization system, the performance test of the niru nebulizer is to determine its precision and chemical interference produced by some obvious factors, so the requirements for the niru object painting set, is in its use in the process of spraying stable, and the droplets are more uniform, fine at the same time the efficiency of the atomization is relatively high, next I will talk to you Next, I will explain to you in detail about the purchase guide of the Niru atomizer, to help you better choose the right product.
  • Introduction of a Niro nebulizer with low energy consumption

    2023-12-27 11:58:34
    ​A rotary atomizer is a device that uses centrifugal force to atomize liquid into fine particles during high-speed rotation. The droplet size is related to the speed of the edge line of the atomizing disk. The higher the line speed, the smaller the droplet size and the better the uniformity. Traditional rotary atomizer mainly includes gearbox speed increaser and mechanical bearing high-speed motor directly connected to the atomizer. Due to the high speed, the transmission speed increasing mechanism and other core mechanical parts are easy to wear, short life, frequent replacement, high maintenance costs, the overall structure of the equipment is complex, weight and size, installation and maintenance is not convenient. The rotating shaft of mechanical high-speed motor direct atomizer is supported by mechanical bearings, which has the shortcomings of high friction, high heat generation, complex lubrication system, easy wear of bearings, easy to burn cards, and difficult to incre
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