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Desulfurization atomize
2024-01-24 17:25:23

     The Desulfurization atomizer is a piece of equipment used in the desulfurization process. Its function is to atomize the desulfurization agent and react with the sulfur dioxide in the flue gas to achieve the desulfurization effect. According to the search results [1], Wuxi Wode Rotary atomizer Technology Co., Ltd. provides various types of desulfurization atomizers, supports customization, strict material selection, good quality and beautiful prices. The mist eliminator of the desulfurization tower is also an important piece of equipment in the desulfurization process. Its function is to remove small droplets in the flue gas and avoid causing phenomena such as chimney rain [2]. In addition, nanoceramic filters can also be used as dust removal components for semi-dry desulfurization, with high desulfurization efficiency [3].