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SDA flue gas desulfurization for sintering machines

Detailed Description

Rotary spray semi-dry flue gas desulfurization (SDA for short) has more applications in the sintering machine of iron and steel enterprises, large steel enterprises such as Shagang and Shigang are using this process, for a long time the core equipment of this process has been dependent on imports of large spray liquid volume Rotary atomizer, the purchase price is expensive. 2014 our company has made a breakthrough in this field, and successfully developed a model (WD-800) for replacing imported equipment, which has been operating stably in Shigang and Shigang so far. So far, it has been operating stably in Heavy Steel, Shigang, etc., and has been praised by the owners for its excellent product quality and excellent after-sales service.


WD-800 type Nebulizer

SDA process flow

Desulfurization tower

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Live Photos

Live Photos

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